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Article Are there any hidden fees?
Definitely not! There are no gimics, no hidden fees, no contracts.
Views: 1382
Article Can you help me with some web design issues on my site?
Unfotunately, we do not offer web design as a service yet but feel free to submit a help desk...
Views: 1287
Article How do I cancel my account?
You can cancel at any time by sending us a helpdesk ticket from your members area. For security...
Views: 1494
Article How do I get a refund?
If you were billed less than 15 days ago, We can refund you. Simply send us a request via the...
Views: 1396
Article How does your technical support work?
Help Desk The Help Desk is where you submit your support requests. It's in your members' area. We...
Views: 1800
Article How fast do issues get resolved?
Ideally, we try to reply and fix your tickets within a few hours. In a worse case scenario, we...
Views: 1357
Article How good is your pricing?
It's good enough for us to be confident that if you shopped around, we'd either match or beat...
Views: 1198
Article How much bandwidth do I need?
Your bandwidth requirement depends on how much traffic your site will get. Since it is difficult...
Views: 1450
Article How much disk space do I need?
Disk space usage depends on the amount of content you upload to your account. Normally, a small...
Views: 1387
Article How often do you run backups?
We run backups every two days and also keep a fresh copy on a remote backup system at all times.
Views: 1348
Article I have a Dedicated Server, can you provide support to my end users?
If you are one of our dedicated server owners, we support the server and all its accounts as a...
Views: 1361
Article Is your system really easy to use?
We try not to overwhelm our users with fancy gadgets, buttons and links everywhere in an effort...
Views: 1283
Article What do you mean by "friendly North American staff"?
Many companies outsource their support to other countries. In business, saving dollars usually...
Views: 1429
Article What kind of uptime can I expect?
We offer a 99% uptime guarantee.
Views: 1405
Article What payment methods do you support?
We currently use Alert PayTM or PayPalTM to process all Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American...
Views: 1465
Article Where can I learn more about your Dedicated Server packages?
Check out our Dedicated Servers details page here: http://www.okteck.com/dedicatedservers.php
Views: 1295
Article Where can I learn more about your Virtual Servers?
Check out our Virtual Servers detail page here: http://www.okteck.com/virtualservers.php
Views: 1340
Article Where can I learn more about your Web Hosting packages?
Check out our Web Hosting details page here: http://www.okteck.com/webhosting.php
Views: 1500

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