What kind of connection does my server have? (Port Speed, Throughput, Bandwidth, etc.)

Here are some specifics.

Network Port Speed

The speed your server is connected at on our network.

Level 1 servers come with a network connection rated at 10mbps.
Level 2 and 3 servers come with a network connection rated at 100mbps.


The total amount of data you are allowed to transfer to/from your server.

Level 1 servers come with 3,000 GB (3 TB) of bandwidth.
Level 2 servers come with 7,000 GB (7 TB) of bandwidth.
Level 3 servers come with 10,000 GB (10 TB) of bandwidth.


All of our servers are unmetered.  This means, we don't watch how fast you're going. We just watch how much information you've sent over. Obviously, if your server goes extremely fast, we will look in to why, to make sure you're not being abused.

With us, network speeds, total traffic and transmission speeds are never a problem.

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